JCB Band Concert Tomorrow Night

Wow! I can’t wait for the JCB band concert tomorrow night! The spring concert they had in March was a big hit… well, I might not be the artsy kind and tend to fall asleep in the solos they have. What gets me going are the symphonies and mixes they stage… they are so cool!! Have tried my hands at some instruments in music class but most of my time goes for practice sessions… I am cool seeing the shows though.

The band performances in March were really spectacular. The John C Birdlebough High School event is an awesome one every time. The annual spring concert they had started off with a Hill Country Holiday performance. The trumpet solos were pretty cool, I thought! I am not a fan of history but the Ashokan Farewell was done well. It was a play about how a soldier writes to his wife before going to battle and does not come home after that. They say the play was based on Civil War stories… it was pretty sad. The best part of the performance was the medley of hits that students performed on Aladdin. You must have seen the Disney movie right? That is what their inspiration was. The performance really came out well. They even performed a wind ensemble to showcase hits from Little Mermaid as well. The use of different musical instruments made the symphonies and medleys amazing! They even staged scenes from Wicked, the Broadway show. Not to mention the Olympiada concert that the band and ensemble performed together. Overall, they did a great job. Tomorrow night the summer concert should be a great one, similar to what we saw in March. James and I will be going along with some cool chicks from our school… hit me up on Instagram to see the pics.

Or you could come check it out too. Our school has been getting a team together as well… let’s see how it turns out… if you want directions or more news on the program, simply log onto our school site… you will find all details and links there or message me on here.

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