Basketball Training Options This Summer

Hey there! I was wondering how to continue with practice sessions once school gets over for the holidays… after all, the last year summer camp training really came into great use… I think I bettered myself by attending the training session last year. My coach certainly thinks so. There are a couple of training programs that are on this summer. Arizona has several basketball clubs and teams. So there are several options. Of course, I have to look for programs close to home.

Found some programs such as the Arizona Gremlins or the basketball club that is for girls. I would recommend my sis to go there. The girls club in particular is a grassroots club, a program that helps to train girls from the age group of 8 to 17. The Gremlins have classes for boys and girls.  It would be cool to get my sis enrolled in one; have to find out what she thinks of it. Of course, right now we are all thinking about sitting by the pool… it is so hot!! This summer is said to be one of the hottest yet in the state. But there are cool things to do as well.

Inspire Courts is where James and I have hung out with our friends. They organize tournaments as well, which makes it exciting to be part of. We’ll have to get our own team during this summer and see whether we make it to the Inspire Youth league… wouldn’t that be cool?!!

Some of my friends are part of the Jr. Suns basketball league already. Isn’t that amazing? #goals

They would be taking part in YMCA programs that would be organized this summer. You could win a free ticket to a home game as well as take pics with the Mercury or Suns players… cool huh?

Jump Athletic would also be having competitions for basketball players as well as training camps. It makes sense to join up with them to spruce up your skills for the summer. Even Mesa Youth Basketball would have different tournaments and camps this summer. Like our school, these would be held at the Mesa school gymnasiums. I am also keen on Team Arizona Basketball. They offer competitive club training. This could really help in helping me up by aces. Well, that seems to be a lot of choices to choose from. If you are into basketball like me, look up these programs. I think it’s fun to enroll with friends, don’t you? Let me know what you think. We could all enroll together and have fun as well… how about that?

Basketball practice will get grueling in this heat, but I have a plan. Either enrolls in the early morning or late evening sessions. Well, I guess everyone will have the same plan as well No matter what, it will help keep up the practice during these long summer days. What do you say? Let me know what you guys are thinking… in fact, why not share some info with me right here? That would be cool. They have some in August that we should check out. I think Central will also have some programs for the summer… what do you say we head over to the school page to check out the calendar? Will keep you posted on what I finally end up doing for basketball training.

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