Canal Days In June

Hey guys!! Every June we celebrate Canal Days which is a big hit, this year was no different… of course, we are too old now and our class has already been on the Canal Day outing before. This time it was the fourth graders who go to enjoy the outing. If you have not been to Phoenix… then you have never seen Canal Days right? It is as if you take a step back in time. It is usually an annual event where elementary school kids are taken. Wondering why I am writing about it? Guess it is something that my younger bro is experiencing…

Well, Canal Days is a celebration when students get to know about Phoenix at the canal system. This is located in downtown Phoenix. Have you ever been by the Oswego River? That is one spot you will love to check out… will tell you about it in another post. Well, back to Canal Days. Here students can learn how people lived in the early times, 1800s or early 1900s. There are historians who parade in costumes of such eras… cool huh?

What I remember liking about that trip was the chance to knead bread. You get to try different things by hand, such as churning butter, stitching and candle making. It was pretty cool. You get to learn about recreation and crafts that were popular in those times. We got to know about some cool games that existed in those days as well. Overall, it’s a blast from the past… it sure is a cool way to spend the last month of school before the holidays start off…

Well, for us there is more in store… did you know that a JCB Band Concert is planned tomorrow night? It’s going to be fun!! Can’t wait… will let you know all about it… as well as the girls I dance with.

Stay tuned!!


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