My Birthday Blast

Hey!! Sorry readers, I haven’t written for awhile! If you have been wondering how my birthday went, I can assure you that the laser tag party I was planning was a huge success. My parents reserved this place that offers Laser Quest based party packages. All we needed to do was to head over to the party room (reserved for the birthday boy and his friends!!) and have a blast.

For those of you who are not sure what you do at a laser tag party, let me tell you they’re awesome! You are given two missions to fulfill. When you are playing with your own teams, you plan and coordinate your efforts against the other team. There are games available to play with the public as well, but these we weren’t allowed to do that. Anyway, I also got a free pass for myself as well as others for another game that we can attend in the future! Isn’t that dope? James and I have already decided on whom to take for the future session. Meanwhile, my mom got a delicious cake all ready and with a cool theme. My friends got a cool invite sent by the party room people. As you can guess, Elijah was quite “J” about it, but he kept saying that he had something cooler planned for his birthday. I wonder what can be cooler than a laser tag party, right?

We also had cool pizzas for snacks and other rad treats that mom organized. Overall, it was a great day that I spent with my friends. The tagging game was fun and exciting and you should have seen the looks on my friends who were doing it for the first time… boy, were they lovin’ it!

There were some cool goodie bags for my friends to take home. The end of the party was opening the gifts… sure some were not much to my liking, but I thanked everyone just the same…don’t misunderstand me… I know I am lucky and I thank my stars for it as well as my parents for making my day really special! Now it’s time for me to go to bed. Peace!

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