Summer Days Are Gonna Be Packed

With the summer holidays right around the corner, I thought it would be cool to give you an update on all you can do at our Phoenix town. I know it gets freaking hot here, but don’t give up on this town yet. We have some cool water parks that you can check out as well as entertaining places for our kids.

For me, I would be spending many evenings and early mornings going to practices. Not sure whether I will be signing up for a training camp this year, but practice sessions are a must. That does not mean I will not be chilling out with friends. James and I have these cool hangout ideas for the evenings. Simply biking around without homework on our mind would be cool fun.

What would be cool would be water parks this summer. We have three cool venues here, which you should totally check out. Oasis Water Park has several cool water rides that James and I love to try, again and again. There is also the Wet ‘n’ Wild Phoenix. The lazy river ride is something parents love to lie in all day I also dig the Big Surf Waterpark Tempe which has the coolest water slides. I would recommend all of you visiting Phoenix to make it your agenda this summer.

Besides the Waterpark in Phoenix, there are some cool splash pads you can check out as well. If you are as lucky as I am, you can be chilling by the pool in your home backyard as well. Parents have already planned some pool parties with their friends and we are expected to make an appearance as well… boring.

Staying indoors was painful with my bro and sis taking up my favorite games and shows right at the time I want to watch them! As if they are the ones going through grueling training sessions for the game… I deserve some respect. Of course, we have been asking our parents to plan a trip somewhere. We are not sure yet, but a visit to AZ Ice in Arcadia or Ice Den in Chandler or Scottsdale would be nice. There are of course other cool places to visit as well, such as Legoland at Tempe at the Arizona Mills Mall. Personally, I think I have overgrown that stuff, but for smaller kids, it can be great fun. I wouldn’t mind a day outing or a trip with my friends to Sea Life Aquarium or the Arizona Museum of Natural History. These are cool places and educational as well. Mom says by next year I could plan my own summer trip and I am super excited. However, I would have to start saving for that to happen. Mmm, wonder how I could make some money this summer? Will look around and update you on what I do… meanwhile, you too can have a cool trip here with your family. Trust me; in Phoenix, you are never bored.

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