Breaking ground!

Pool is underway!!! Yeah they don’t mess around. Apparently, they have been mulling this over for some time and already have the plans and everything ready to go. We have an excavator here today basically ripping up our backyard. My mom says that when it’s done, we can have a pool party and invite our friends over. They seem to think it’s going to take about 2 months to finish. My birthday is coming up and my mom suggested a pool party for that but I was thinking I would rather do laser tag still for my birthday as that is what I had in mind before the pool. I will give it some thought.

So James and I have been plotting our revenge on “Mike” for the math copying lying incident. We are thinking of stealing all his clothes while he is in the shower after gym class. We would get in to HUGE trouble if we got caught so we have to be very careful. I am going to make sure no one is around and we are going to stuff his clothes in one of our back packs and sneak out nonchalantly. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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