Some bad and amazing news!

Howdy my people,

What a day. I had a basketball game after school that I almost missed because I got a detention! It turns out my bully (I’m going to call him Mike) wasn’t planning on moving on and letting bygones be bygones…is that the saying? Anyway, he is still pissed about James taking it out of him the other day and he set me up. He told the teacher that I was copying him in math class and for some ridiculous reason she believed him! Well, that is simply NOT true, First off I am smarter than Mike by a mile and secondly, I don’t cheat! I am so mad.

So there I was in detention and the bus for the game was leaving. I begged the chaperone to let me run out a few minutes early and I JUST made it in time. I don’t know what I am going to do about this moron but this is so not cool. Homie don’t play that way and that mofo is going to get his. How….well I haven’t figured that part out yet but I will. Oh, I will.

Anyway, we ended up winning our game tonight and I played awesome. James was good too. Our whole team played well. After the game my family and I went out for dinner and Ruth Chris’. It is basically a nice steakhouse. I LOVE steak! it is my favorite! So while we were talking about the day, my parents told us that we are putting in a pool in our backyard! I was so ecstatic! I have always wanted a pool but my parents have always said no every time we ask but apparently they were talking to their friends who are pool cleaners in Las Vegas and they have the low down on this new pool that is apparently not as expensive as others because of how it heats itself. I wasn’t too interested in all the details plus my parents can afford it anyway but for some reason they are always trying to save all their money. But, anyway, I am so happy we are getting a pool!

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