Trouble in paradise

Hey Peeps, thanks for checking out my blog. So we won our game against West Phoenix yesterday! I scored 54 points!! My friend James also scored a ton of points. James is my best friend. We have known each other since we were babies. My mom and his mom met at prenatal (is that the right word?) class. They apparently immediately “bonded” and became instant friends and well since we were due just a week apart, it made us instant friends too.

We basically do everything together, we both play basketball, we walk to school together, we play video games, bike ride and all sorts of other things. I can trust James always has my back. One day some kids at school were bullying me. I had a beef with this kid ( I won’t mention his name) but he thought I was saying things about him behind his back. I don’t know how this rumor started but it was completely false. Apparently,he thought it was true and confronted me about it. Although I told him I didn’t say it, he didn’t believe me and started pushing me around. I’m a big guy but I’ve never been much of a fighter so I just was trying to diffuse the situation and not get him angrier. I kept saying, “dude it wasn’t me! I didn’t say anything about you. Leave me alone, I’m not looking for any trouble”. Well, my friend James was right there and he was not having any part of it. James is the opposite of me when it comes to fighting. I would describe myself as a lover not a fighter but James?? Nope, he’s a scrapper. He practices MMA and pretty much can take anyone. I’m not sure if this guy didn’t know this info but he was pretty shocked when James stepped in and basically threw him around like a rag doll and he ended up on the ground crying. We booked it out of there and well, that guy has never mentioned the incident again. James has definitely got my back. Literally! That’s all for today!

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