Welcome from Phoenix!

Hey Everyone! I’m Akron and I live in phoenix, Arizona. I am a 13-year-old black dude and I started this blog to share my experiences with you. First off I live in a huge house with a maid and a nanny so I’m not your typical black guy from AZ. I have been very lucky in life and feel blessed every day that I have this life. My mother is a doctor and she specializes in oncology and my Dad is a police officer. I have two 1 brother and 1 sister. I am the oldest , then my brother and then my sister. This is a picture taken when we were all a lot younger. My brother is now 10 and my sister is 8. My brother’s name is Elijah and my sisters’ name is Ezra. My brother and I fight all the time. He is a huge pain the ass. My sister is ok but she whines a lot. This is a pic from quite  a few years back. I’m much bigger now.

I play on my high school basketball team and I go to Central. I am a forward. We have won most of our games this year and we have another game tomorrow night. We are playing West Phoenix. I’m pretty sure we will win. I have scored the most points out of everyone on my team. I think the camp I went to this summer really helped. My parents sent me to a very dope basketball camp over the summer for two weeks where we got wicked skills training and they even had a couple ex-NBA players coaching us but honestly I did not recognize their names and had no idea who they were. I imagine they probably played a long ass time ago. Well, that is all I am going to say today. Hope to catch you on my next blog!

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